NASD OTC market cap rose 0.04% WoW to close at 640.05 billion naira

Friday, Aug 27, 2021 / 10:00 p.m. / by NASD Plc / Header image credit: NASD


In investing, finding the right investors for businesses has proven to be a major challenge. For investors, a big concern they face is that companies looking for finance provide incorrect or incomplete data, which makes them reluctant to invest. This crossroads has been where most businesses and investors have been located for quite some time now.

NASD Company Portal [“NASDEP”] was launched to address these issues. NASDEP creates a transparent way for investors to be connected with companies / businesses looking to raise capital / scale.

The NASDEP gathers accurate information about these companies, presenting this information to prequalified investors who will provide essential capital and advice to these companies.

If you are interested in raising capital through the NASDEP portal, contact the NASD team for advice. Additionally, if you are an investor looking for investment opportunities across various sectors in Nigeria, contact the NASD team for more information.

In the process of raising capital, both parties carry out transactions through the due diligence analyst [“DDA”]. The DDA can be a lawyer, an accountant, a financial advisor brought in by the NASD, or both parties. However, the DDA must be registered to trade transactions on the NASDEP. Visit more information on how to register.

Overview since the beginning of the year

NASD OTC Securities Exchange Market has closed on a negative note since the start of the year as the market posted a decline in performance. NASD Security Index YTD returns have declined 0.71%. The total volume traded since the start of the year is 1,926,508,640 units in 3,755 transactions and the total value traded is NOT 14,692,983,348.97.

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Week 34 preview

The NASD OTC Securities Exchange Index closed the week with a positive return from the NSI. The NSI yield rose 0.04% to end the week at 736.38 points from 736.07 on Friday August 20, 2021.

Week 34 saw NASD investors win NOT0.28 billion in value. NASD OTC Market capitalization closed at N640.05 billion compared to N639.77 billion on Friday August 20, 2021, resulting from a positive price movement.

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt.  Ltd.

There was a 79.04% increase in total traded value during the week, as week 34 saw NASD investors trade a total of N361 168 623.76 in value compared to N201 726 228 the previous week. Total business activity for the year is valued at N14,692,983,348.97.

The total volume traded during the week was 13,729,624 units versus 11,026,445 units the previous week, resulting in a 24.52% increase in trade volume from week 33. Total volume traded for the year is 1,926,508,640 units.

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Most traded securities by volume

The week ended with the Nigerian Exchange Group PLC ranking first in the five most traded stocks by volume and Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria PLC at the fifth position of the most traded stocks by volume of the week.

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Most traded securities by security

The week ended with Nigerian Exchange Group PLC ranking the top five most traded securities by value and Niger Delta Exploration & Production PLC ranked fifth most traded securities by value for the week.

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Progress of the week

Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria PLC, which currently holds a market capitalization of N118.13 billion closed the week at N121.00 representing a decrease of 0.83% compared to the previous close of N120.00.

Central Securities Clearing System PLC, which currently holds a market capitalization of N83.30 billion closed the week at N16.66 representing a decrease of 0.48% compared to the previous close of N16.58.

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Declines of the week

Nigerian Exchange Group PLC, which currently holds a market capitalization of N31.50 billion closed the week at N16.58 representing an increase of 3.27 percent from the previous close of N17.14.

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt.  Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt.  Ltd.

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Energy market plan calls for major reform | Canberra weather

news, latest news

Coal and gas-fired power plants could receive payments to stay alive in a bid to avoid soaring energy prices as part of a national plan to reform Australia’s electricity market. The Energy Security Board provided final advice to federal and state ministers on the future of the energy market after 2025. As part of its recommendations, incentives would be provided to conserve existing power generation as well. longer than necessary to maintain system reliability. and affordable. The “capacity mechanism” would be designed to maintain the reliability of the electricity grid while the system switches to renewables. This would increase the proportion of wind and solar power over time, alongside investments in batteries and hydraulic pumps, to ensure an orderly shift away from coal. But investors in renewables warn that paying fossil fuel producers to stay in business could have a chilling effect on new supplies. An open letter signed by the Australia Institute called for support for battery storage and pumped hydroelectricity instead of giving “financial deals to old, inflexible and polluting generators.” The ESB has promised to work with industry players and governments on the appearance of the mechanism. It also highlights a reform path to better integrate distributed energy resources such as solar energy on rooftops. “There are a number of policy choices in the design of a capacity mechanism, as outlined in this opinion, which must be taken into account to ensure that the recommended design is both effective and efficient,” the report said. “Beyond 2025, the types of resources that should be best incentivized by a certificate system are flexible, reliable and economically competitive resources when operating at low capacity factors.” Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor said preventing distributable generators from shutting down too soon would prevent prices from spiking. “Acting now is critical and we need a coordinated approach to market design to keep the lights on and costs low,” he said. Mr Taylor added that this would avoid price hikes similar to the closure of the Hazelwood coal-fired power plant in Victoria in 2017. Although there was a record investment in renewable capacity with 7,000 megawatts added l last year, the minister said that there was still not enough capacity to ensure an affordable and network. “This is a significant concern, with the large-scale replacement of thermal generators needed over the next decade and beyond as older power plants exit the market,” he said. . Energy ministers will meet in September to agree on the final reform package that will be presented to the national cabinet in October. Associated Australian Press


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Walmart Unveils New Advertising Marketplace Designed For Post-Cookie Internet

Walmart reveals more details about its upcoming advertising platform, including an October launch date, and the retailer tells Ad Age that the new ad network is designed to withstand the impending cookie collapse.

On Wednesday, Walmart announced that the Walmart DSP, which stands for “demand-side platform,” an automated ad exchange, will be ready to serve advertisers in October. In January, Walmart announced that it would build the DSP with The Trade Desk as a partner. Walmart’s advertising and media business is called Walmart Connect.

“It opens up a lot more opportunities for advertisers… it’s really using [The Trade Desk’s] technology with our proprietary identity, ”said Rich Lehrfeld, senior vice president, Walmart Connect. Lehrfeld added that DSP allows “advertisers to really access first party data, to go down to a biased level, to come down to product bias, it’s not something that’s really in the market on a DSP. “.

Product tilts are the type of data Walmart can access, see what customers have purchased, and exact product details. Brands can use these details to inform advertising campaigns, and these campaigns can go beyond Walmart’s own websites. Walmart previously had media buying capabilities outside of its own site, but Lehrfeld says this new DSP will open up buying even more.

Walmart’s DSP is part of the retailer’s plan to compete with Amazon, Target, and other retailers who are also developing multimedia services that help brands buy internet ads. Amazon advertised a significant portion of its business, and advertising revenue reached nearly $ 8 billion in the second quarter, growing 83% year-over-year. Walmart doesn’t detail exact ad revenue, but it said ad revenue grew 95% year-over-year in the second quarter, with the number of advertisers increasing 175% year-over-year. other, in its last financial report.

Walmart’s DSP is a self-service platform, which means brands run their own campaigns with the help of partner agencies or Walmart’s managed services teams.

The advertising platform also relies on data Walmart can collect about shoppers who visit its website and make purchases in stores, Lehrfeld explains. The data will be linked to a Walmart ID, which the retailer developed to help brands plan for new privacy regulations that make it harder to track consumers online. Apple and Google, which control vast swathes of the internet through browsers and devices, limit the way data is collected on websites and apps.

“It’s all first-party data,” Lehrfeld says. “So we look at our data, we add it and identify it, we envision a post-cookie world. “

The ID can then go through The Trade Desk to correspond with consumers on websites outside of or to create audiences that share characteristics with existing customers. Brands can thus prospect for new customers.

The Trade Desk is also developing a new identifier to replace old technologies such as third-party cookies, which have traditionally been the method of tracking web activity and targeting advertisements. Lehrfeld says Walmart is exploring ways to integrate with The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0.

Walmart has also built its data operations with a new unit called Walmart Data Ventures, which gives brands more insight and analytics that could in turn drive more ad spend.

The Walmart DSP will have access to all advertising inventory available through The Trade Desk. The Trade Desk has its own advertising marketplace with direct relationships with publishers and advertising exchanges, and it can serve advertisements on connected TVs, websites and applications.

Lehrfeld says Walmart had considered creating its own DSP, similar to Amazon, but ultimately the retailer decided to rely on The Trade Desk. “On a much broader level, it allows us to tap into new advertisers, new budgets,” explains Lehrfeld.

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Crop Servicing Robots Market Analysis, Revenue, Price, Market Share, Growth Rate, Forecast to 2026

The last Crop Maintenance Robots Market The research report involves an in-depth examination of important aspects such as the global demand, scope, merchantability, profitability and potential of this industrial sphere over 2021-2026. In addition, it emphasizes the different submarkets and reveals the main growth avenues, followed by an in-depth examination of the competitive landscape.

According to experts, the Crop maintenance robot Industry size is expected to generate notable returns over the analysis period, registering a XX% CAGR throughout.

In addition to hosting verifiable projections, the research literature also provides the latest information on acquisitions, partnerships, mergers, as well as growth strategies deployed by key players to help stakeholders formulate business plans. solid action for the future.

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Key Features of the Crop Servicing Robot Market Report:

  • Implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on the progression of the industry
  • Records of total sales, overall returns and market share
  • Key industry trends
  • Profitable prospects
  • Growth rate assessments for market and submarkets
  • Positive and negative points associated with using direct and indirect sales channels
  • Leading distributors, resellers and traders

Product Types: Unmanned Ground Robots (UGR) and Unmanned Aerial Robots (UAR)

  • Price models for each type of product
  • Market share estimate based on sales and returns accumulated by each market segment

Application spectrum: Residential and Commercial

  • Product price according to scope of application
  • Revenue and sales accumulated by each category of applications during the analysis period

Competitive dashboard:

  • Trimble
  • Inc
  • AgJunction
  • Inc
  • AGCO Company
  • Harvest automation
  • Inc
  • Clearpath Robotics
  • PrecisionHawk
  • Inc
  • iRobots and Deere & Company

  • Commercial summary of listed companies
  • Product and service portfolio of the main players
  • Sales count, pricing models, total revenue, gross margin and market share for each company
  • SWOT analysis of large companies
  • Assessment of industry concentration rate and commercialization rate
  • Top-down analysis of business strategies implemented by leading companies

Crop Servicing Robots Market Segments Covered In The Report:

Geographic fragmentation:

  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy and rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia and Australia)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and the rest of South America)
  • Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa and Rest of Middle East and Africa)
  • National assessment of each regional market
  • Accumulated sales, returns earned and industry shares obtained by each regional contributor
  • Revenue and growth rate estimates of each regional market over the forecast period

Major point of the TOC:

Chapter One: Market Overview of Crop Servicing Robots

Chapter Two: Market Segment Analysis of Crop Servicing Robots by Manufacturers

Chapter Three: Crop Servicing Robots Market Segment Analysis by Sales by Manufacturer

Chapter Four: Market Segment Analysis of Crop Servicing Robots by Region

Chapter Five: Crop Servicing Robots Market Segment Analysis by Type

Chapter Six: Crop Servicing Robots Market Segment Analysis by Application

Chapter Seven: Upstream and downstream analysis of the crop maintenance robot

Chapter Eight: Development Trend of Crop Maintenance Robot (2021-2026)

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Historic England opposes new city center market plan

Historic England has opposed plans to turn an unused part of Derby city center into a vibrant new market, describing it as “visually intrusive”.

Last month, plans were submitted to Derby City Council offering an open-air food, drink and craft outlet at St Peter’s Cemetery – just off St Peter’s Street.

The market would include 14 kiosk-style stalls, seating areas and a performance area in green spaces currently unused.

If it gets the green light, it could be operational next year.

But to make the plans come true, plaintiff Burton Abbey Developments Ltd is asking city council for permission to demolish part of a Grade II listed perimeter wall in St. Peter’s Church so that an entrance area appropriate on the site can be created.

This led Historic England – a public body that celebrates history and heritage – to oppose the projects, saying a new market would be ‘inappropriate’ for the area.

A report from Historic England to Derby City Council states: “In our opinion the proposed structures would form an intensive group of utilitarian type buildings that would be highly inappropriate in this sensitive green space.

“The proposed new entry is in our opinion particularly inappropriate due to the design of its inverted cement pillars which do not match the existing pillars and safety barriers. This would lead to an unjustified alteration of the classified wall.

“Overall, the proposed development would be visually intrusive. It would compromise the setting of Saint Peter’s Church and the very well-classified old grammar school.

Derby City Council planners may take Historic England’s comments into account when deciding the fate of the request.

Burton Abbey Developments Ltd says it wants to revive an unused part of downtown Derby.

A spokesperson for the company previously told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “This is a beautiful and rare green space in Derby that has not been used to its potential in recent times.

“The vision is to create a dynamic market to enhance the neighborhood. It will provide a nice enough eating area for residents and businesses alike – so people can pick up everything in one place. “

The company said a number of traders have already expressed interest in one of the reserved kiosks.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service contacted the claimant to comment on Historic England’s objection.

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New labor market plan to strengthen the economy – Immigration

Bahrain: New labor market plan to strengthen the economy

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Key points

  • Bahrain’s Cabinet officially approved the National Labor Market Plan 2021-2023.
  • The details of the plan are aimed at improving the national workforce and promoting more employment opportunities for the citizens of Bahrain, in line with the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 promoted by Bahrain’s rulers.
  • The main objectives of the plan include:
    • Promote the educational and vocational training of local workers
    • Put into practice the “Employment Skills Platform” to better monitor labor market trends and needs
    • Invest in the tech industry and financially support businesses that hire local workers
    • Create more opportunities to increase the number of women in the labor market


Last month, Bahrain’s Cabinet approved the memorandum from the government’s executive committee to promulgate the national labor market plan to be implemented from 2021 to the end of 2023. The goal of the new plan is to strengthen the labor market national economy by creating greater opportunities for citizens. of Bahrain making them the best choice for the job.

What are the changes?

The new labor market plan has a strong focus on integrating the Bahraini national workforce into the labor market and developing better employment opportunities for all Bahraini citizens. Private sector companies will be encouraged to hire locally through financial incentives supported by the government.

Look ahead

Bahraini employers are expected to follow the Cabinet’s new policies and guidance as part of the new labor market plan, as details continue to be released in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030.

Originally posted Aug 13, 2021

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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