Artists And Fleas Weekend Marketplace arrives at Ponce City Market in Atlanta – CBS Atlanta

ATLANTA, Georgia (CW69 News at 10) – Ponce city market shoppers can expect more options on October 2, 2021. The Artist and Flea Weekend Market will bring together dozens of collectors, artists and designers.

Peppajar is one of the vendors and the owner, Gwotah Kroma, designs children’s clothing that showcases her West African roots. “There are rompers, scarves, hoodies, all those cute little things for kids that parents can buy,” she said. She started her business three years ago in Atlanta before expanding to California. “I grew up north of Atlanta, I went to Georgia Tech, so Atlanta is the reason I’m home away from home,” Kroma said.

She will join the other vendors who will welcome with open arms all the pedestrian traffic along the beltline. “The inspiration for this was then and always will be to create a place where like-minded designers, makers, artists, vintage collectors can come together,” said Ronen Glimer, who co-founded Artists and Fleas almost 20 years ago. “We see from our existing markets in New York and on the West Coast where people travel and where they travel from, and I think there is so much energy, so much talent, so much creativity that comes from. Atlanta. They are happy to support local vendors and businesses and welcome those who wish to settle down.

Artists and Bullets eagerly awaits weekend shoppers during the holidays. For more details, click here.

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