The FTX marketplace to support the famous Solana NFT projects

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Major crypto derivatives are exchanging FTX tweets about plans to support famous Solana NFT projects, such as Degen Ape Academy, Aurory, Thugbirdz and Solana Monkey Business.

FTX recently announced via a cryptic tweet that it now supports a range of Solana NFT projects in its cross-channel NFT marketplace, including Degen Ape Academy, a collection of different cartoon monkeys and the new galactic Geckos. FTX announcement the new NFT exchange earlier this year, called SOLSEA. FTX chooses to support NFT projects based on market capitalization, floor price and volume. Support for Opensea NFT collections such as Art Blocks and Bored Yacht Monkey Club should also be supported soon. The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of over 10,000 monkey avatars, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, built on the ERC-721 Token standard.

Buy and sell on the FTX NFT platform

FTX announced the new NFT market earlier this year, called SOLSEA. Users will be able to Register now on the FTX.US domain, according to FTX.US president Brett Harrison. Deposits and withdrawals, which will only be available on the FTX.US domain, will allow users to deposit external NFTs from peer-to-peer platforms like Opensea or Solanart on the FTX marketplace. It is expected, although unofficial, that escrows, ETH and SOL can also be used to buy and sell NFTs on the FTX market. A fee is charged up front to create an NFT to combat bogus bids, and FTX charges the buyer and seller 5% each for each sale.

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